Need help or have you noticed suspicious behaviour (children playing on the tracks, graffiti artists, copper being stolen, a violent attack, ...)?

Contact Securail on 0800/30 230, the free emergency number available 24/7. 

Consider saving the emergency number of the SNCB group on your mobile ! 

The Securail security officers seek to guarantee your safety in stations and on board trains. Recognisable by their red and black uniform, they carry out preventive patrols and are called out to attend to incidents on the railways. Do not hesitate to approach them in case of any problem, these officers are there to assist you.

A few security tips

  • Remain clam, attentive and preempt any potential problems.
  • Avoid establishing eye contact with troublemakers and don't provoke them.
  • Seek the company of other passengers rather than isolating yourself in an empty carriage.
  • Do not take avoidable risks to protect your property. Instead, call the emergency number 0800/30 230 as quickly as possible.
  • Evaluate the situation. In all instances, your own safety is more important than anything else!
  • Engage and mobilise those people present on site.
  • Call Securail's emergency number or the police (101), if you have been the victim of a violent attack or you witness another passenger or a member of staff of the SNCB Group being attacked. 
    The number is free of charge even without call credit, you will always be able to make contact with Securail.
  • Make sure you act as an effective witness and memorise the characteristics of the perpetrator. Explain accurately to Securail what you have seen.
  • Always properly close your handbag and hold it between your arm and your body with closures facing inwards.
  • If you take out your purse/wallet to pay for something, show as little as possible of its contents to the people around you.
  • Always keep an eye on your bags particularly when you put them down in storage areas. Do not leave any valuable on view.
  • Pick-pockets often work in teams: one distracts you, while the other one goes through your pockets. Therefore be vigilant when a stranger approaches you or "accidentally" bumps into you.
  • Do not put your purse/wallet or your mobile phone in your jacket pocket when you are in the train as it can all too easily be stolen by the person sitting behind you.
  • Always report the theft to the police.
  • Make a mental note of the characteristics and features of the perpetrator. Explain accurately to Securail or to the police what you saw.
  • The SNCB Group has a vast network of Belgian CCTV at its disposal. The images recorded may also help to identify the perpetrator(s).
  • In 2011, CCTV footage was requested 4054 times and in 79% of cases, the offence was recorded on the CCTV cameras.