Train to airport

Need to catch your flight from Charleroi Airport?

First solution: opt for the Charleroi Airport Ticket: it covers your journey both by train and bus to Charleroi Airport.

Are you entitled to a discount or do you already have an SNCB ticket valid up to Charleroi-Central station? Second solution: Opt to buy your train ticket to Charleroi-Central station and your bus ticket to Charleroi Airport separately.

Select the ticket best suited to your needs:
Bus TEC Charleroi Airport Ticket
Take the bus from Charleroi-Central station to the airport or vice versa
This bus ticket will take you from Charleroi-Central station to Charleroi Airport, or vice versa. It can easily be combined with a Weekend Ticket, Youth Ticket, etc..
Charleroi Airport Ticket
Combined train + bus to or from Charleroi Airport
This combined train + bus ticket will take you to Charleroi-Central station from where you can take a connecting TEC bus service to Charleroi Airport, or vice versa.
Psssst, make sure you don’t miss your flight. Check your departure times and don’t hesitate to take an earlier train.

3 reasons to buy your train ticket online

  • you buy your ticket wherever and whenever you want
  • you save time by skipping the queue at the ticket office
  • you always have your ticket on your smartphone