Train to airport

Do you have a flight that takes off from Charleroi Airport? Make your way to the airport easier and cheaper by combining train and bus!

Two solutions:

a) Charleroi Airport Ticket (train + bus) 

This combined ticket covers:

  • your journey by train to or from Charleroi-Central station
  • single or return on the same day, in 2nd or 1st class
  • your ride with the TEC bus between Charleroi-Central station and Charleroi Airport

b) separate Bus TEC Charleroi Airport Ticket  

Buying your train ticket and your Bus TEC Charleroi Airport ticket separately is the best solution if you are entitled to a discount on your train tickets, or if you already have a convenient train ticket (e.g. Standard Multi, Youth Ticket, Youth Multi, Weekend Ticket, season ticket etc...).

The Bus TEC Charleroi Airport Ticket allows you to take the bus to Charleroi Airport en bus from the stations Luttre, Charleroi-Central or Fleurus.

Select the ticket best suited to your needs:
Charleroi Airport Ticket
Combined train + bus to or from Charleroi Airport
This combined train + bus ticket will take you to Charleroi-Central station from where you can take a connecting TEC bus service to Charleroi Airport, or vice versa.
Bus TEC Charleroi Airport Ticket
Take the bus to or from Charleroi Airport
Ticket for the bus from the station Luttre, Charleroi-Central or Fleurus to Charleroi Airport (or vice versa). You can easily combined it with a Weekend Ticket, Youth Ticket, etc..
Psssst, make sure you don’t miss your flight. Check your departure times and don’t hesitate to take an earlier train.

3 reasons to buy your train ticket online

  • you buy your ticket wherever and whenever you want
  • you save time by skipping the queue at the ticket office
  • you always have your ticket on your smartphone