The Flex Season Ticket was designed to meet our new working habits (teleworking or part-time work), but is also suitable for private travel.

  • for travelling on average 2 to 3 times a week
  • valid on a fixed route in 2nd or 1st class
  • digital product (buy and use the Flex Season Ticket in the SNCB app)
  • several formulas available, depending on whether it is paid by your employer or by yourself.

My employer pays for it

Is your employer contributing to the cost of your train pass through a Third-party payment agreement ? Discover our 4 Flex Season Ticket solutions.

I pay myself

If you buy your own season ticket yourself (or if your employer reimburses you afterwards), you can take a Flex Season Ticket 10.

What's a Third-party payment agreement?
This is an agreement between the SNCB and any company or organisation that wants it. This contract allows employers to easily manage their employees' season tickets (with invoicing). More information for employers.