Do you use NMBS/SNCB trains in conjunction with MIVB/STIB public transport services? Then take advantage of a saving by buying a combined season ticket, always less expensive and you will also be able to travel with an all-in-one travel ticket on your selected route.

  • your season ticket links your most important route with the entire MIVB/STIB Brussels transport network (excluding lines 12 and 21 on the Bourget - Brussels Airport route)
  • to take advantage of this arrangement, all you need is for your departure or destination station to be part of the Brussels zone or to/from Ruisbroek, Lot, Buda or Vilvoorde stations
  • it is possible to combine rail travel with the MIVB/STIB Brussels transport network with a Section Season Ticket, Student Season Ticket or a Network Season Ticket
  • the total charge for your season ticket is calculated by adding the STIB charge to the price of your SNCB season ticket
  • your season ticket is immediately available from the station ticket office
Since the installation of security gates in the metro stations on the MIVB/STIB network, for a combined season ticket you will also receive a MoBIB Card in addition to your NMBS/SNCB travel ticket.

 Traveler type  1 month 3 months 12 months
 25 and +  € 49  € 137  € 499
 under 25  € 49  € 137  € 499*
 60 and +  € 49  € 137  € 499

** For students who are in possession of a 12-month Student season ticket for trains, it is more advantageous to buy the MIVB/STIB season ticket separately.

  • If you are under 25 then we recommend that you buy the Student Season Ticket and the MIVB/STIB season ticket separately.
  • If you are 25 or older and would like to pay monthly or quarterly, then an MIVB/STIB supplement on top of your NMBS/SNCB ticket is the best solution.
  • Are you moving house? Then please send us your new address as quickly as possible.

Day Ticket + STIB/MIVB

Travel combining rail and regional public transport in a city of your choice.

  • SNCB: travel outward or return in 1st or 2nd class*
  • STIB network: roam freely for 1 day with connecting tram, bus or metro services
  • valid on the STIB network except for lines 12 and 21
  • buy at the ticket machine or at the ticket office
*Cannot be combined with either a Weekend Ticket, Go Pass 1, Seniors Ticket, Pet Ticket, B-Excursion or with a 10-Journey Card.