Belgians love their fries. In Belgium, you’ll find fry shops virtually everywhere. Enjoying take-away fries is a cultural tradition. Are you on a city trip in Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp or Liège and craving for the best golden fries? We’ve shortlisted 10 must-visit places where you can savor fries like a local in Belgium and partake in one of our country’s proudest culinary tradition.

1. Patatak in Brussels

Patatak is one of the very few fry shops awarded with the good food label in Brussels. It offers extraordinary fries with homemade sauces in an eco-friendly setting.

🍟 Specialties: everything is homemade here, including chicken nuggets and cheese croquettes
🚆 Address:

  • Rue de la Bourse 34 à 1 km de la gare de Bruxelles-Central
  • Parvis de Saint-Gilles 31, à 1,3 km de la gare de Bruxelles-Midi

2. Frites Atelier in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent

Michelin Star Chef Sergio Hermann presents his upscale take on fries at Frites Atelier.

🍟 Specialties: explore seasonal delights and limited editions of fries and snacks
🚆 Address:

  • Rue Sainte Catherine 32 in Brussels, 1 km away from Brussels-Central station
  • Korte Gasthuisstraat 32 in Antwerp, 1,5 km away from Antwerp-Central station
  • Groentenmarkt 20 in Ghent, 1,5 km away from Ghent-Dampoort station

3. Charlie’s Chips in Bruges

Established in 2017, Charlie’s Chips has quickly gained a reputation for its delicious fries, including sweet potato options.

🍟 Specialties: don't miss their special menus 😊 with savory sauces and meat. Or give a try to one of their veggie specialties.
🚆 Address: Hauwerstraat 17 in Bruges, 900 m away from Bruges train station.

4. Fry shop De Bosrand in Bruges

Voted one of the best fry shops in Flanders, Frituur De Bosrand offers golden fries and much more. This place is a favorite among stars: Michelin star chef Gert de Mangeleer, cycling champion Wout Van Aert, influencer Average Rob and gymnastic champion Nina Derwael have all been there to test their famous fries.

🍟 Specialties: try one of their homemade dishes like vol-au-vent or Flemish stew.
🚆 Address: Koning Albert I-laan 108, at 1,6 km from Bruges station.

5. De Frietketel in Ghent

Repeatedly awarded as one of the best fry shops in Ghent and Flanders, De Frietketel is the go-to place for quality fries.

🍟 Specialties: give one of their veggie and vegan choices a try, especially the ‘chickencorn’ or the ‘Flemish stew’ sauce.
🚆 Address: Papegaaistraat 89, at 1,9 km from Ghent-Saint-Peter station.

6. Fry shop Bij Filip in Ghent

A local institution, ‘Bij Filip’ is a tiny fry shop offering perfectly golden fries. Enjoy a classic Belgian fry experience during your city trip in the city of Jacob Van Artevelde.

🍟 Specialties: Fries, with a big F.
🚆 Address: Pensmarkt 1, at 1,7km from Ghent-Saint-Peter station.

7. Fry shop Chips in Antwerp

Step into one of Antwerp's fry temples at ‘Frituur Chips’. Whether you have a small or big appetite, they offer various portion sizes and a wide selection of sauces.

🍟 Specialties: warm sauces and many vegan options (sauces, snacks, burgers).
🚆 Address: Sint Antoniusstraat 35, at 1,8 km from Antwerp-Central station.

8. Fry shop Arré Patat in Antwerp

Vegans are royalty at Frituur Arré Patat in Antwerp. Known for a diverse range of fry products, enjoy your fresh fries in a very unique setting, by the Scheldt river.

🍟 Specialties: try their vagan burgers and snacks.
🚆 Address: Sint-Jansvliet 23, at 2 km from Antwerp-Central station.

9. Friterie Chez Patrick in Liège

Chez Patrick not only serves delicious fries but also offers a variety of halal burgers and "mitraillettes" – a baguette with meat and fries.

🍟 Specialties: homemade burgers and meatballs.
🚆 Address: Rue St Laurent 30, at 650m from the station of Liège-Carré & at 800m from the station of Liège-Saint-Lambert.

10. Friterie du Perron in Liège

Last but not least in our list and located in the heart of Liège, Friterie du Perron offers both classic and original fry options. Indulge in generous portions with toppings like cheese sauce, fried onions, or bacon, and try their garlic and herb homemade sauce.

🍟 Specialties: did you know Liège is well-known for their meatballs in a sweet sauce? Give a try to the famous ‘Boulet à la Liégeoise’ (meatball with a sweet sauce). This fry shop also offers a variety of skewers.
🚆 Address: Rue de Bex 1, at 400m from Liège-Saint-Lambert station.