Since October 18th 2018, it is mandatory to use electronic means for the awarding procedure of public tenders that exceed the European publication threshold. These electronic methods, as well as the applications that make it possible, are generally referred to by the collective term "electronic public procurement". For this purpose, SNCB uses the platform made available by the federal government, namely:

  • e-Notification: prior to publication
  • e-Tendering: for the submission of quotations and/or requests to participate

On the website, you will find more information on e-procurement, as well as manuals and contact information for the e-procurement help desk.

1. Announcement of a tender

The SNCB only uses the e-Notification platform. It is therefore up to you to search for tenders on this platform.
You can submit your application via the e-Tendering platform.
If your application is selected, you will receive the request for quotation via this platform.
If your application is not selected, you will receive a registered letter.

2. Quotation

You can also submit your quotation via the e-Tendering platform.

We expect a quotation that is 100% compliant with the specifications, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you have any questions about the request for quotation, you can send them by email to [email protected]. If a BAFO is requested, you can as well send it to this mailbox.

3. Order

The contract is awarded to the quotation that best meets the award criteria. A notification is published via the e-Tendering platform.

4. Order confirmation

For the train parts contracts, SNCB asks you to send systematically an order confirmation.

For other contracts an order confirmation must be sent only when it is explicitly requested in the order