This pilot project has ended.
Were you one of the participants? Then share your opinion about the project and help us evaluate whether there’s a future in this way of travel.

Experience the future of travel today with FTQ-Lab: an innovative pilot project that makes your travels easier, smoother and more carefree. You check in and out at the station, FTQ-Lab handles the rest: finding out which journey you are on and which is the cheapest available ticket. After your trip, we will automatically take care of the payment via your preferred method. That's it!

Travel to the future in 5 steps:

  1. Download and install FTQ-Lab on your iPhone or Android device (use these links ONLY, to make sure you have the Belgian version of FTQ-Lab).
  2. Open the app and register your mobile phone number, personal details (using the e-mail address we’ve sent the invitation mail to) and a payment method. To set up Bancontact, you need to approve a transfer of €1. Don't worry, this money will not be withdrawn from your account.
  3. Enter the code SNCB2022.
  4. Done! Swipe the big button to the right to check in and start your journey.
  5. Check out at your destination. The cheapest ticket will automatically be charged to your account.

How much does a ticket in the "FTQ Lab" app cost?

"FTQ Lab" app works with these 4 tickets:

  • Standard Ticket: the most flexible system. The price depends on distance.
  • Weekend Ticket: a return ticket that is about half the price of a standard ticket. Can be used only from 19:00 on Fridays to Sundays.
  • Youth Ticket: for passengers aged under 26. Fixed price of 6.60€ per trip.
  • Senior Ticket: for passengers aged over 65. Fixed price of 7.20€ per return trip.

Once your trip has ended, "FTQ Lab" app calculates which of these 4 options is most suitable. Depending on your age, the time and the day of the week, and whether you have made a single or return trip, "FTQ Lab" app calculates the cheapest option.

Any further questions about how FAIRTIQ works or the project as a whole?
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