This Discovery Combi is temporarily unavailable due to a temporary closure of the animal park.
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Hop from continent to continent through nature

The bonobos moved into their new, large residence in continent Africa and celebrated their arrival with a birth. Join Expedition Bonobo and study their behavior, like our scientists in the research camp. A large Kinshasa boat is moored here in the shallow water, a huge new play paradise. In continent Asia, the smallest elephants Tun Kai and Suki demand your attention. The Indian rhinoceros is expecting the birth of her little one any day now. Do you hear the clattering storks? They are characteristic of Europe. In America you can meet the golden-headed lion tamarins. Australia captivates with koalas and Tasmanian devils. Adventure in ZOO Planckendael!

To ensure you don't miss anything during your visit, view the map of Planckendael ZOO.

Choose and reserve your visit time first on the website of ZOO Planckendael.

Free for children under 3 (not valid in groups)
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Price per person (€)

(varies according to the distance travelled)

 Child (from 3 to under 6 years old)  fixed price: 21
 Child (from 6 to under 12 years old)   fixed price: 25
 Young Person (from 12 to under 18 years old)  from 33.90 to 38.40
 Adult (from 18 to under 60 years old)  from 34.90 to 39.40
 Senior (60 years old and over)  from 33.90 to 38.40

Free for children under 3 years old (not valid in groups)

Travelling by train? The smart choice!

  • an attractive price: admission + 2nd-class, return train travel + De Lijn bus
  • an animal park close to Mechelen station
  • a great day out for all the family
  • departs from Mechelen station: bus No. 284/285 (travelling in the direction of Leuven) or No. 686 (travelling in the direction of Zaventem) as far as the Planckendael stop
  • limited timetables on Sundays (every 2 hours)