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Brickosaurus in ZOO Planckendael: dino expo in LEGO® blocks

Does Karamat the rhino suddenly have horns? Of course not, it’s her prehistoric ancestor, the Triceratops! From the 4th of April until the 31st of August, 2020, ZOO Planckendael goes back 65 million years in time to prehistory. Suddenly, you will be able to find dozens of dinosaurs in the park! More than two million LEGO® blocks will bring the ancestors of our reptiles and birds back to life during the temporary and unique Brickosaurus dinosaur expo. The expo is completely free and included in ZOO Planckendael’s admission price or the membership pass. Is that a Tyrannosaurus Rex peeking through the bushes or is it a peaceful Plesiosaurus?

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Free for children under 3 (not valid in groups)
More info: et

Price per person (€)

(varies according to the distance travelled)

   from to
 Child (from 3 to under 6 years old)  21*  
 Child (from 6 to under 12 years old)   25*  
 Young Person (from 12 to under 18 years old)  33.90  38.40
 Adult (from 18 to under 60 years old)  34.90  39.40
 Senior (60 years old and over)  33.90  38.40

Free for children under 3 years old (not valid in groups)

*a fixed price

Travelling by train? The smart choice!

  • an attractive price: admission + 2nd-class, return train travel + De Lijn bus
  • an animal park close to Mechelen station
  • a great day out for all the family
  • departs from Mechelen station: bus No. 284/285 (travelling in the direction of Leuven) or No. 686 (travelling in the direction of Zaventem) as far as the Planckendael stop
  • limited timetables on Sundays (every 2 hours)