In urgent need for a dose of fun? Walibi will surprise you!

From rapid rollercoasters to family fun, Walibi’s 40 attractions guarantee a sensational day out for the whole family. Whether you visit Walibi with small children or friends who love a shot of adrenaline, you are sure to make some amazing new memories. Wait, there’s more! Fresh new attractions and experiences were added to the park recently. Step inside the evocative Karma World to get a taste of Bollywood and head over to the Grand Maharaja Movie Theatre to pop some corn in the best attraction of 2019: Popcorn Revenge! Can you hear the drums beating in rhythm with your heart? Then you must have stepped inside the faraway land of Exotic World, a brand new zone that offers yet another thrilling new experience: Kondaa, the highest, fastest and most terrifying megacoaster in the Benelux. Come tame this legendary attraction in Walibi, Best Theme park of Belgium. Near Brussels!

  • 50%* discount on your train journey
  • Children under the age of 12 travel for free (max. 4 children per paying traveller)
  • Round trip on the same day
  • On  weekdays, the outward journey is possible from 9h00 am.
  • More info about the Discovery Ticket

More information:
Address: Boulevard de l'Europe 100, 1301 Wavre
Close to the station!

Buy your Discovery Ticket in an instant

  1. Buy your e-ticket at
  2. You will receive your Discovery Ticket code(s) in an email from Walibi. It is a code of 16 characters.
  3. Purchase your Discovery Ticket directly from this page: Copy and paste your code(s) in the last step before checkout.
  4. Show the pdf of your Discovery Ticket on your smartphone or show a printed version when the train conductor passes by on the train.
  5. Enjoy your journey!

Frequently asked questions

Each owner of an e-ticket for Walibi will receive a code for the purchase of 1 Discovery Ticket, which allows him or her to travel by train to the park for half the price.
The SNCB discount code is valid for the day of your excursion. Return on the same day.
Yeah, you can.
The discount code (16 characters) for the purchase of a Discovery Ticket will be sent to you by e-mail by Walibi.
Any other questions? Check out the frequently asked questions about the Discovery Ticket.

*Discount only applied to the non-fixed part of the Standard fare. In 2nd class, the fixed amount is € 1,3709, per single journey. In 1st class, it is € 1,7822 (less than 37km) or € 1,9193 (37km - 51km) or € 2,1112 (52km and more) per single journey. The minimum price per single journey is € 2,50 in 2nd and € 3,30 in 1st class.