Did you have a delay when travelling on the national train network and would like to calculate the amount of compensation due to you?  Follow these steps to find out how much compensation you are entitled to.

  1. Calculate your delay
  2. Calculate the amount of your compensation

Your delay is the length of time between the expected arrival time according to the SNCB’s official timetable and the actual arrival time at your final destination station (in Belgium or at a border station*).

  • In the case of planned work, the previously announced amended timetables are taken into account in place of the reference timetablesy scheduled times.
  • In the case of a missed connection, the connecting trains are determined based on the official timetable. The compensation is calculated based on the late arrival at the destination.
*The stations Aachen HBF, Ascq, Annapes, Aulnoye-Aymeries, Baisieux, Croix l'Allumette, Croix Wasquehal, Eijsden, Hellemmes, Lezenne, Lille-Flandres, Luxembourg, Maastricht, Maastricht Randwyck, Pont de Bois, Rodange, Roosendaal, Roubaix, Tourcoing and all Luxembourg stations for season tickets and Luxembourg Station (city) for tickets.

The compensation only applies to the price of your train journey.


Number of journeys per type of transport.

 Ticket  Number of journeys
 Standard Ticket single  1
 Standard Ticket return  2
 1 month season ticket  40
 3 month season ticket  120
 12 month season ticket  480
Passes and cards to be filled in:
Student Multi, Half-time season ticket, etc.
number of lines = number of journeys  

The amount of compensation due to you is calculated based on the price of a journey route.


Calculation of the amount of compensation you are entitled to

  1. Price of the journey = price of a ticket/number of journeys (see table above)
  2. Total price of journeys = price of journey x number of delayed journeys
  3. Compensation = total price of journeys x percentage of compensation*

Cents are always rounded up to the next ten cents, e.g. €9.35 becomes €9.40.

*= 50% from 30 to 59 minutes late (only in case of repeated delays)
    100% applies only to long delays, delays of 60 minutes or more


  1. A traveller holding a Senior Ticket incurs a 2-hour delay.
    Journey price: €8.30/2 journeys = €4,15
    Total price of the journeys: €4,915 x 1 delay = €4,15
    Compensation: €4,15 x 100% = €4,15

  3. A traveller with a Single ticket with a value of €11.60 incurs a 60-minute delay.
    Journey price: €11.60/1 journey = €11.60
    Total price of the journeys: €11.60 x 1 delay = €11.60
    Compensation: €11.60 x 100% = €11.60

  5. An annual season ticket holder (ticket value including employer contribution = €1400) incurs 10 30-minute delays for the same journey over a 6-month period.
    Journey price: €1400/480 journeys = €2.91
    Total price of the journeys: €2.91 x 10 delays = €29.10
    Compensation: €29.10 x 50% = €14.55 = rounded up to €14.60