Phishing (a play on the word ‘fishing with bate’) consists of stealing personal information from individuals or businesses. This may be your personal identification, passwords, bank card numbers, personal information or something else...
There are different phishing techniques such as emails, telephone calls, text messages or messages on social media. Hackers are using the identity of NMBS/SNCB, by inviting you to click on a link and fill in a form. Using this information, they hijack your personal data for the purpose of using it abusively and committing identity theft. Be vigilant!

NMBS/SNCB will never contact you by email, mail or telephone to ask you for confidential information.

When you receive an email that reasonably appears to originate from NMBS/SNCB, it is critical that you ask yourself a few questions:
  • Is the email unexpected, is the message strange?
    Be vigilant if the communication seems to you to be unexpected, irrelevant or the proposition appears unusual or implausible.
  • Does the email really come from NMBS/SNCB?
    We send our communications using email addresses ending in,,, or
  • Where does the link, which you are being invited to click, lead to?
    Hover your mouse cursor above the link or the button without clicking. Does the domain name (the web site address) correspond with NMBS/SNCB’s?
  • Is the web site secure?
    NMBS/SNCB will never ask for your data via a public, insecure page. To ensure that you are navigating to a secure page, check that the start of the url begins with https://... and that the icon displays a locked padlock.
If in doubt, consult the SNCB web site or contact our Customer Service.
  • Do not click on the link, consult the NMBS/SNCB web site to check this information.
  • Do not accept the link as one of your contacts.
  • Do not provide your personal data.
  • Contact NMBS/SNCB Customer Service and include with it a screenshot of the email in question.
  • Mark the email as spam in your mail box
NMBS/SNCB will not contact you for this purpose at its own initiative. If you would like to take part in a satisfaction survey or apply to become an official customer-tester for NMBS/SNCB, register your interest on the following page sncb/enquetes.
  • The surveys are completed on a voluntary basis and are not remunerated.
  • The tests and interviews are conducted on our premises covering expenses.
NMBS/SNCB will not contact you for this purpose at its own initiative. The rules for acceptance of compensation payments are very strict. Consult the steps to be taken as part of a compensation claim.
For more information about attempted phishing and how to identify e-mail scams, visit the web site