You have tried to certify your MY SNCB account online and you are facing a difficulty?

Try these solutions first:
  • Certify your My SNCB account with itsme® : create your account on, download the application on your smartphone and log in, enter your mobile phone number in the itsme® certification form of your My SNCB account and confirm the connection from your smartphone.
  • Certify your My SNCB account with an electronic identity card reader: install the eID software on your computer from, use the certification tool via an identity card reader from your My SNCB account.
  • Certify your account by digitally sending a copy of your identity card: attach a high quality photo of your identity card via the My SNCB account certification form.
If none of the solutions proposed above has enabled you to certify your My SNCB account, please contact us via the form below. To ensure the most efficient technical support possible, please fill in these fields accurately.
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