The many advantages of Student Season Ticket

  • Unlimited travel to school (and back)
  • Extra season ticket discount: 12 months for the price of 10
  • Advantageous from 5 single journeys per week
  • Discount when you park at SNCB Carparks
  • Can be combined with other transport networks (STIB, TEC and De Lijn)
This price does not take into account the fare changes applicable each year from February 1st.

Calculate the price of your Student Season Ticket

Good to know

  • From 18 years you need a school certificate
  • Unlimited travel for 1, 3 or 12 months
  • Your season ticket is recharged on a MoBIB card
  • You can renew your Student Season Ticket online, at the ticketing machines or at the ticket counter
  • Possible to combine several season tickets (also with Student Multi)
  • In 2nd or 1st class
Is your season ticket about to expire? You can renew it in no time online, at the ticket machines or at the ticket office.

School attestation

Students aged 18 and over need a school attestation to travel with Student Season Ticket. This school attestation is valid for one year, after which one needs a new school attestation to renew the Student Season Ticket.
The end date of your validation may not exceed the end date of your Student Season Ticket by more than 1 month. The validation period of your validation ticket can start on any date before your 26th birthday.
The end date of your validation may not be more than 1 month after your 26th birthday.

This certificate must contain the same data as your subscription (first and last name, date of birth, school period and train station corresponding to your school or traineeship) and must be signed by your school.

The following documents are accepted:

  • A proof of enrolment form, completed and signed by your school
  • Certificate from your school proving that you are attending that school or place of traineeship during the validity of your subscription
  • Certificate of enrolment (after payment of the enrolment fee) is valid as a school certificate

The following documents are not accepted:

  • School certificate from a school far from one of the train stations of your subscription
  • School certificate whose dates of attendance do not correspond to the dates of validity of your subscription
  • pre-registration form with payment slip
  • Student card

If the proof of enrolment is invalid, you will be informed by email. We will cancel your validation and your season ticket will be deleted from your MoBIB card. You will be refunded the full amount if the validation period has not yet begun. If the validation period has already begun, a €10 administration fee will be retained.

There are 2 possibilities:

  • You can ask your school’s administration to fill in our template of proof of enrolment
  • Your school provides you directly with a valid certificate that corresponds to your subscription (first and last name, address, date of birth and school period for which you are registered)

Combine a Student Subscription with STIB/TEC/De Lijn

  • STIB: Are you between 12 and 24 years old and want to combine your Student Season Ticket with a STIB school season ticket? Then buy your €12 STIB school season ticket separately, as it is only available through their sales channels.
  • TEC: Buy online now 
  • De Lijn: Buy online now

All the information you need about the train in combination with other means of transport.

Buying and renewing my Student Season Ticket

To buy your first Student Season Ticket, you've got two options :

  • Online via My SNCB. Click 'Buy new subscription' and follow the steps up to the payement screen. During the process, you'll also be asked to upload a digital version of your school certificate.

  • At the ticket counter at a station of choice with:
    • your electronic ID card
    • your MoBIB card (if you already have one)
    • your completed school certificate if you are 18+ (no school certificate required if you are under 18)

Don't have a MoBIB card yet? No problem! You'll get one online or at the counter for a processing fee of € 6 when buying your first season ticket.


  • Log into your My SNCB/NMBS account (or create an account)
  • Choose the season ticket option that you would like to renew, and renew it!
  • If you are over 18, you will also be able to upload your school certificate

At the station:

  • At the ticket counter
  • At the ticket vending machine

Season tickets in combination with TEC / STIB / De Lijn and/or with third-party payers can also be extended online!

Take a look at the overview of our season tickets or calculate the price according to your itinerary, your age and the frequency of your train journeys.

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