So you've decided to spend a day out in the 'Fervent City'? Great idea!

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Eat a Liège waffle at Eggenols'

Waffles can be found on virtually every street corner in the city centre, which means it's difficult to choose where to eat!

Located right next to Liège-Guillemins train station, Eggenols' is definitely my favourite. Their waffles are delicious: caramelised on the outside and mouth-wateringly fondant on the inside.

What is more, the service is really top-class and the owner is extremely friendly!

For the record, I am not the only one to appreciate the sweet delights of this Liège-based pastry cook, Prince Laurent has also succumbed to these delights.

Stroll along the waterside and over 'the Belle Liégeoise'


To reach the city centre from the station, take a stroll over the all-new footbridge: the Belle Liégeoise. It connects the railway station to Boverie park and so enables you to enjoy the verdant green spaces of Liège.

If you are cycling, taking the route along the waterside is a must-do, very pleasant in summer! Benches have recently been installed inviting you to have a little sit down at your convenience.

Ascend the Montagne de Buerenberg (if you're feeling energetic)

At first sight it may appear to be quite impossible, but getting to the top of the 374 steps that make up the Montagne de Bueren (or 'Beuren Mountain') is really worth the effort! You will in fact be able to enjoy an incredible view over the whole of the 'Fervent City' of Liège.


Twice a year, these steps are decorated: with flowers for Bueren en fleurs ('Bueren in bloom') and with candles on the occasion of the Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle ('the Slopes of the Citadelle at Nighttime'). I can highly recommend these events!

Order a Curtius to drink at Brasserie C

The Bueren Mountain also abounds with hidden treasures such as Brasserie C. Secreted in a side street at the foot of the Bueren steps, it's a veritable garden right in the heart of the city.

As well as enjoying this verdant backdrop, you can sit and sip beers brewed on the premises including the Curtis, a famous Liège beer. It's a light lager that will really hit the spot when the sun is shining!

In summer, seats on the terraces are quickly snapped up so I recommend that you book if you want to eat there in the evening.


Please note: the Brasserie is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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