Liège, known as the Fiery City, lives up to its reputation and is a surprising place full of life. The charming historical centre is also a paradise for food lovers.

Try a waffle with caramelised sugar chunks

Never heard of a Liège waffle? Now is the time to change that! Waffles can be found on practically every street corner. Makes it hard to choose! Close to the Liège-Guillemins train station, Eggenols is truly the place to be. Their waffles are so delicious: caramelised on the outside and soft at heart.

Treat your thirst with a blonde beer 

La Montagne de Bueren or Mount Buren is also full of treasures like Brasserie C. Hidden away on a side street at the bottom of the Bueren stairs, a real beer garden awaits right in the city centre. In addition to the greenery of the surroundings, sample the beer brewed on-site, including Curtius, the famous local favourite. 

Taste the famous “boulets à la liégeoise” (Liège meatballs)

Ask anyone in Liège for the place to eat the best "boulet-frites" (meatballs served with  fries) and inevitably they will answer: at Lequet! Don't let the somewhat old fashioned outside of the restaurant stop you: this is truly a local institution. Here you will find the best meatballs in town in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Let's eat!

The delicious "La Batte" market

Every Sunday, the heart of Liège beats in tune with the "La Batte" market. Along the docks of the Meuse river, take a look at the colourful stands offering fruit and veg, cheese, clothes, flowers, books. Don't miss Belgium's oldest market with its mix of the cosmopolitan and typical Liège.

Other great places to go

  • MAD Café: a trendy and happy place, outside seating available - Parc d'Avroy 1, 4000 Liège
  • Chez Maxime: healthy and tasty sandwiches and breakfasts - Rue des Guillemins 109, 4000 Liège
  • Sushi Nagoya: Japanese restaurant near the station - Rue des Guillemins 105, 4000 Liège
  • L’Atelier Pâtes: pasta artisan and grilled veggies - Rue des Guillemins 76, 4000 Liège

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