1. Request for quotation (RFQ)

You will receive a RFQ from SNCB, with a deadline for submitting the bid.

You can't meet this date? Then contact the buyer who will see if an extension of the deadline is possible.

2. Quotation

We expect a quotation that is 100% compliant with the requirements of the RFQ, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

3. Order

The contract is awarded to the quotation that best meets the award criteria.

4. Order confirmation

For train parts contracts, SNCB asks you to send systematically an order confirmation.

For other contracts an order confirmation must be sent only when it is explicitly requested in the order.

5. Communication

The tender documents are sent either by e-mail or via SupplyON. Furthermore, SNCB is working on the further digitization by implementing a new software tool Ariba.