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Teddy & Bear
18.10.2018 > 01.09.2019
Children aged 4 to 104 will love getting to know these fascinating wild animals.

Giorgio de Chirico

16/02/2019 > 02/06/2019 

Discover Giorgio de Chirico
Mummies in Bruges - Secrets of Ancient Egypt
31.03.2018 > 03.11.2019
A fascinating temporary exhibition about the remarkable funeral rituals of the ancient Egyptians.

Wim Delvoye + Old Masters
22.03.2019 > 21.07.2019
The artist's attentive view of the changes taking place in our hyper-connected societies, where lines between reality and virtual worlds are increasingly blurry
Generation 80
22.09.2018 > 02.06.2019
Dive headfirst into the “liberated” ambiance of the 1980s!

The Hergé Museum
31.03.2018 > 03.04.2020
Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Tintin and Milou!

31.03.2018 > 03.04.2020
An interactive museum for young and old alike - Science that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Le Pass
31.03.2018 > 03.04.2020
The interactive science museum for young and old alike!

Prints in the Age of Bruegel
27.02.2019 > 23.06.2019
A totally mastered know-how
Bernard van Orley
20.02.2019 > 26.05.2019
Discover his works
Liège. Chefs-d'oeuvre. Works of art.
21.12.2018 > 18.08.2019
A unique journey through 200 masterpieces selected from among the thousands in the Liège Fine Arts Museum’s collection.
Lang leve de muziek!
05.10.2018 > 09.06.2019
An exhibition that brings together, for the first time, 60 years of Dutch music.
The Toy Museum
31.03.2018 > 03.04.2020
Do the toys of your childhood make you nostalgic? Step back in time with us...

31.03.2018 > 30.06.2019
The mythical Citroën garage which became the future museum of modern and contemporary art.

Natural Science Museum
An unmissable day out for those interested in Science
Flanders Fields Museum
Captivating videos, unique audio extracts and multimedia applications will immerse you into the throbbing heart of the Great War.