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Train World
Please pay attention, when the whistle blows, you will be embarking upon a long journey through the exciting history of the railway in Belgium.

The Smurf Experience
03.10.2018 > 27.01.2019
Immerse yourself in the unparalleled, magical world of these little blue creatures.

Disney Sand Magic
23.06.2018 > 30.09.2018
Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday on the Grande Plage at Ostend during the Sand Sculpture Festival.
Atomium & Adam + Mini-Europe
Spend a full day discovering the best known attractions in Brussels and the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

The Labyrinth of Barvaux
07.07.2018 > 07.10.2018
Will you know how to find your way out of this gigantic maize-crop maze with entertainment provided by comedians? An amusing experience!
Explore the most beautiful cities in Europe, its typical architecture and the unparalleled beauty of the many locations in single afternoon!

Open-air museum - Bokrijk Park
01.04.2018 > 16.09.2018
Discover the country lifestyle as things were 100 years ago! How children used to go to school and what people used to do to put food on the table?

Train World + Koezio
Here's a fantastic idea for a day out for the young ones: a fascinating exhibition and a seat-of-your-pants thrilling experience.