animal parks
Find out more about the B-Excursion options: train + admission at an extremely attractive price!
ZOO Antwerp
With direct access from the station, Antwerp Zoo remains a classic excursion, which is not to be missed. Completely refurbished and now even more extensive, this will be a visit to remember!
Pairi Daiza
Pairi Daiza
New season 
More than just an animal park, Pairi Daiza is an experience, a journey across 5 continents evoking a truly unique atmosphere.
Planckendael ZOO
Enjoy the animals as you freely wander and allow your children to explore!
Sea Life
Discover a unique underwater world in Blankenberge.
New family pets, what do you say? Snakes, iguanas, lizards... these reptiles all await in Blankenberge.
Domain of the Caves of Han
New season 
Discover the beauty of the most famous caves in Western Europe.