animal parks
Find out more about the B-Excursion options: train + admission at an extremely attractive price!

ZOO Antwerp

Discover the baby gorilla
With direct access from the station, Antwerp Zoo remains a classic excursion, which is not to be missed. Completely refurbished and now even more extensive, this will be a visit to remember!
Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza

New season > 05.01.2020
More than just an animal park, Pairi Daiza is an experience, a journey across 5 continents evoking a truly unique atmosphere.

Planckendael ZOO

Meet the baby koala
Enjoy the animals as you freely wander and allow your children to explore!
Sea Life


A dive in the heart of underwater life
Discover a unique underwater world in Blankenberge.


Come and caress a snake
New family pets, what do you say? Snakes, iguanas, lizards... these reptiles all await in Blankenberge.

Domain of the Caves of Han

New season > 05.01.2020
Discover the beauty of the most famous caves in Western Europe.