Did you experience a delay when travelling on the national train network and would like to apply for compensation?

Find out how your compensation can be paid below:

If you travel with a season ticket (including Flex Season Ticket and Unlimited Season Ticket), we recommend transferring your compensation to your eWallet (through your online MySNCB account).

When you renew your season ticket online, you can pay with the contents of your eWallet. You can also use it to purchase any other SNCB products, travel cheques and to renew the season ticket associated with your MoBIB card at the ticket counter.

Your compensation will be paid in the form of a voucher or vouchers valid for 1 year. These vouchers may be used to purchase a domestic SNCB product for yourself or for another person.
Upon request, you can also receive your compensation by bank transfer (only for delays of at least 60 minutes).
To do so, please indicate your IBAN when making your request via My SNCB.