Yes, in addition to scheduled timetables, real-time data is also available for you to use.
No, public data (GTFS and Netex data) only contains information on train timetables.

No, the data only includes timetables for SNCB trains. This data also covers IC trains to Amsterdam.

Developers who would like to integrate the train timetables of one or more of these operators must contact said operators and ask if they also have public data available.
No, partners are free to decide for themselves whether or not to include links to the SNCB’s ticketing website in their apps.
Our data is available in GTFS format, a format used by all public transport timetables and Netex (scheduling data). This flux allows us to make this data available to any third-parties who would like to develop their own applications. These fluxes are not an API. The data is available from a web page. As a developer, you can collect this data and implement it; no further interaction is necessary between the supplier and the developer. In the case of an API, there is continuous two-way communication between both parties’ software.

The data we make available to our partners is the same as the data we use ourselves. It is therefore as reliable as possible.

Each partner has their own journey planner and, as a result, their own search engine and associated algorithms. Consequently, not all journey planners provide the same journey information. The quality of the train timetables displayed is the responsibility of each individual partner.
We take responsibility for the raw data provided to partners in the GTFS and Netex file. The partners themselves are responsible for ensuring the apps they offer their users work correctly.
If necessary, we will inform our partners about any erroneous data. If a partner notices any errors, we kindly request that they report the issue to us.
The SNCB Customer Service is happy to help you by phone, every day from 7am to 9.30pm on 02 528 28 28.