Using the SNCB MoBIB app

With this app, you can: 

  • check the validity period and the number of remaining journeys for all public transport tickets (incl. season tickets) on your personalised or non-personalised MoBIB card (SNCB, STIB, TEC and De Lijn).
  • validate your Brupass and Brupass XL tickets for your journeys on the SNCB railway network, in addition to the already existing option to do this at the ticketing machines.
  • set alarms when your season ticket is about to expire or when you only have one or two journeys left on your Brupass (XL).
To use the app, you need a smartphone (with NFC function), a MoBIB card and access to a mobile data network, Wi-Fi or internet.

You can install the SNCB MoBIB app for free on your smartphone or tablet.

No, you cannot validate your Brupass (XL) tickets without network access.

See if this function is active by looking on your smartphone at 

  • the Connections tab on Android devices
  • the Control Panel on Apple devices

If necessary, turn on the switch in the NFC section.

No, you cannot buy tickets or season tickets with the SNCB MoBIB app.

Validate a ticket

You can validate both your 1 journey and 10 journey Brupass XL tickets and your 1 journey, 10 journey and 1 day tickets. Always do this before you start your journey on the SNCB-network (even if you are making a connection via the rail network).
Place your MoBIB card on the back of your phone. The app will then check which tickets are on your card. Then select the Brupass (XL) ticket and the number of journeys you want to activate. An icon shows you the progress and indicates 100% when the validation was successful. A new window will also show you a confirmation message. Do not forget to hold your card against your smartphone until you have received this confirmation.
Simply select the number of people (i.e. journeys) travelling with you (including yourself) on the ticket and validate with one click.
Scan your MoBIB card again and make sure you hold it in the right place against your smartphone until your validation is confirmed. Also make sure there are still Brupass (XL) rides available on your MoBIB card.

Is something still wrong? Then we advise you to validate at the ticketing machine so you can start your journey without breaking the rules.
No, as is the case today, you cannot cancel a validation. We advise you to validate your journey only when you are sure you can board your train. This way you avoid losing your journey.
Yes, it doesn't matter which provider you bought your Brupass (XL) ticket from. As long as it is on your MoBIB card, you can validate it for any journey in and around Brussels on the SNCB railway network.
Yes, nothing changes. You just make a connection and have to validate it before you get on the train and continue your journey in or around Brussels.
Yes. As long as your Brupass (XL) tickets are still valid, you can continue to use them, even with an expired MoBIB card.

Spotting a problem

Do you want to validate a journey but encounter a technical problem? Then we recommend you to validate at the vending machine so you can start your journey without breaking the rules.

Be sure to let us know about the problem by tapping on the Parameters icon in the app and filling out the form in the Help section.
Please let us know by filling in the form in the Help section.
The SNCB Customer Service is happy to help you by phone, every day from 7am to 9.30pm on 02 528 28 28.