Each year, you can request a passenger certificate via your online My SNCB account.
A request may be submitted for the previous 5 completed years.

This certificate can be used for tax purposes. For further information, please visit the website www.finances.belgium.be or contact your local tax office.

Your certificate will be sent to you by email.

By purchasing a Discovery Ticket, you are already benefiting from an advantageous reduction in the price of your return train journey. Social security vouchers or discount vouchers are not accepted as a means of payment for a Discovery Ticket.

Find out more about the SNCB’s Discovery Ticket deals and enjoy an unforgettable trip at a reduced cost.

If your employer (or another third party) has signed an agreement with the SNCB to (partially) cover the cost of its employees’ season tickets, you must prove it at the ticket counter by providing a third-party payment certificate. Your employer can provide you with a copy of this certificate. It confirms that your employer pays (part of) your season ticket.

Depending on the contract between the employer and the SNCB, the employees’ children’s Student Season Tickets may also be (partially) paid by the employer. In this case, the same third-party payment certificate is required when applying for (and extending) the Student Season Ticket.

In practice:

  • Your employer has signed a third-party payment agreement: You don’t pay anything or you only pay part of the cost of your season ticket, based on the employer contribution certificate. Your employer covers all or the remaining part of your costs.
  • Your employer has not signed a third-party payment agreement: You pay the full cost of your season ticket. The amount of the mandatory employer contribution is refunded to you by your employer.

After 26 years of age, you can no longer benefit from the reduced student tariff. If you are or will turn 26 years of age during the validity period of your season ticket, your Student Season Ticket cannot be loaded onto your MoBIB card for this reason.

However, depending on the distance travelled and the frequency of your journeys, there are other advantageous tariffs that might appeal to you (Half-time season ticket, Standard Season Ticket, Unlimited Season Ticket, Combined train + metro, tram or metro season tickets, Standard Multi, Local Multi, etc.)

Would you like to find out how much a product costs? Choose the product best suited to your needs, calculate the price of your season ticket based on your journey, your age bracket and the frequency of your trips.

Would you like to know how much it would cost to renew your season ticket? Log in to your My SNCB account.

If you are 26 or older, we recommend these alternatives:

For short distances (max. 15 km)
If you regularly travel short distances, choose the Local Multi: a discount card for 10 journeys at a fixed price. You fill in your point of departure and destination on your Local Multi. Please note, this ticket can only be used for short distances. Consult the validity zones of your station.

For long distances (from 50 km)
Go for a Standard Multi, a card for 10 journeys, without a fixed departure or destination station. The price is fixed, so you pay the same amount for each journey. The Standard Multi is easy to use: you fill in your own departure and destination station.

For occasional journeys
Do you take the train once in a while? Then buy a Standard Ticket. Valid all day, without a fixed hour ... very flexible. Under certain conditions, you can also take advantage of a discount (jobseekers, large families, senior citizens +65 ...).

For very frequent journeys
You want to take the train several times a week? Discover the subscription tailored to your needs and enjoy the most advantageous price.

The SNCB Customer Service is happy to help you by phone, every day from 7am to 9.30pm on 02 528 28 28.