Price changes are based on the provisions of the 2008 management contract, while awaiting the new 2018-2022 management contract. As provided for in the management contract, the Passengers Advisory Committee has issued its opinion on these changes.

The new prices came into effect on 01/02/2018. Price changes are notably based on evolutions of the health index:

In addition to the price of your ticket, you will have to pay a supplement if:

  • you buy your ticket onboard the train. In this case, the On-board Fare applies (price of ticket + €7);
  • you are travelling to or from Brussels Airport-Zaventem. In this case, you pay the Diabolo fee (+ €5.40/journey) in addition to your ticket;
  • you don't yet have a MoBIB card and your season ticket requires you to have one. The cost of creating this card is €5 (fixed cost) and it is valid for 5 years.