The bike park is permanently connected to the Control Room. The latter is able to remotely manage the installations and communicate via the intercom system present at each entrance, exit and pay station.

To contact the Control Room, all you have to do is to push the button with a telephone symbol. This button is present on each entry and exit terminal and on each pay station. After a few seconds, you will be put in touch with the Control Room.

Without your Mobib card, you cannot enter the bike park. This is to avoid that people without a valid subscription can enter the bike park.

To purchase a season ticket you need to complete the following steps:

  • Buy a MoBIB Card:
    • Before being able to use your car park season ticket, you first need to have a MoBIB Card.  
    • You can buy this card at the ticket office at a station of your choice.
    • The card preparation and printing costs are € 6.

  • Buy a validation for your season ticket for a period of time of your choosing:
    • The validation of your season ticket is linked to your season ticket card.
    • This is completed at a station ticket office.

If your parking ticket is about to expire, you can buy a new validation via the station counter or a ticket machine. You can do this from one month before the end of the current validity period. To do so, you must of course be in possession of a valid train pass for the entire period that you are using the bicycle parking facility.
  • Active staff members have access to the guarded bicycle parking facility under certain conditions. The conditions are published on the intranet.
  • Non-active staff members must purchase a parking season ticket.
Let's check at Bike Point

If your station has a Bike Point, the staff may have removed your bike because it was not locked properly or parked incorrectly.
More information: www.fietsenwerk.be/nl/

Report the theft

In the event of theft, always report it to the police as soon as possible. You can report it to your local police station or via the internet. The police e-portal can be found at www.police-on-web.be or via your local police website. Bicycle thieves count on you not reporting the theft and can continue to do so.


The bikes that are found by bike points, community guards or city services, end up on the website www.gevondenfietsen.be. On the website, you can describe your bike by means of a few characteristics and then look it up in a selection of photos of the found bikes.


Make a note of the most striking features of your bicycle, so you can describe it accurately if it is stolen. Examples: brand, model, type, colour, serial number, stickers, basket or bicycle bags, ornaments... Try to remember where you parked your bike, e.g. by the number of the rack.
Call Securail on the emergency number: 0800/30 230.

Download the internal regulations here (pdf in French)