Practical information

The ticket you have purchased to travel between two stations is valid for the shortest route (the shortest distance covered by train).

You can interrupt your journey at any of the stations located along this route, with no additional charges.


You would like to travel from Liege (A) to Brussels (C), but you have a meeting in Leuven (B)?
As Leuven is located along the shortest route in km between Liege and Brussels, you can buy one Liege – Brussels ticket. You can interrupt your journey at Leuven at no extra cost.


You want to travel from Leuven (A) to Vilvorde (B).
The shortest route in km is the one travelling through Schaerbeek station (C). To make this journey, you have to take 2 trains. However, you would need to change trains at Brussels-Nord (D) because one of the 2 trains doesn’t stop at Schaerbeek. You would therefore be travelling along the Schaerbeek - Brussels-Nord track twice. Despite the longer distance in km, you can travel on a single Leuven – Vilvorde ticket at no extra cost.


If you want to travel via a station that is not located along the shortest route in km, you will have to buy two tickets: one for each journey.


You want to travel from Brussels (A) to Charleroi (B), but you have to pick up a parcel in Namur (C) on the way.
In this case, you have to purchase two tickets:

  • one Brussels – Namur ticket
  • one Namur – Charleroi ticket



You want to travel from Brussels-Midi (A) to Waterloo (B).
The shortest distance in km involves taking the S1 train in the direction of Nivelles, which directly calls at Waterloo.
However, if you want to take an IC train (that doesn’t stop in Waterloo) to Braine-l'Alleud (C), which is located after Waterloo and retrace your steps back from Braine-l'Alleud to Waterloo, you will need to buy two tickets:

  • one Brussels-Midi – Braine-l’Alleud ticket
  • one Braine-l’Alleud – Waterloo ticket


Your ticket is valid for a one-way trip (or a return trip) and without seat reservation. You can travel with any train of the day. However, check that your ticket is valid at the desired travel time (example: travel after 9:00 am on weekdays with a Senior Ticket, travel after 7:00 pm on Fridays with a Weekend Ticket).
With a Standard Ticket you can travel once from one zone to another. Your ticket is valid on the date indicated, you can choose your own departure time. If you wish to make a return journey, you will need a return ticket.

Your ticket or season ticket is valid for the shortest route in km between your departure and arrival stations. You cannot board a train earlier than your departure point or get off at a stop after your destination station and retrace your steps back unless you buy an additional ticket for these journeys.
If you would like to extend your travel beyond the station indicated on your ticket, you should buy a journey supplement before you leave the station (journey supplements are also available in 10-journey cards).

You can take a high speed train when travelling within the SNCB network (ICE). To do so, please purchase a supplement at the ticket counter.
For journeys towards Maastricht, Roosendaal, Lille-Flandres, Aachen and Luxembourg (L), a specific train ticket is required for travelling to these stations.

If you have a ticket for an international journey in a high speed train, you can purchase a ‘connexion’ fare ticket at any train station that sells international tickets. This ticket entitles you to travel from any Belgian train station to the departure station of your international train.

When you buy a season ticket, we ask that you specify if it is:

*For travel via TEC buses, please specify the exact names of the bus stops concerned

Journey interruptions

  • You can get on or off at any station located along the route covered by your season ticket
  • You can take a different route:
  •             o If it gets you to your destination sooner
                o Without interrupting your current journey
                o Without travelling beyond your destination station and then retracing your steps

Specific cases of Campus Cards and Half-time season tickets

  • Journey interruptions are permitted on the route covered by the season ticket
  • If you would also like to travel by STIB, TEC or De Lijn, you will need to purchase a separate season ticket.

Complex season tickets

With a complex season ticket (Standard or Student Season Ticket), you can travel to 2 or more stations or stops in Belgium. Depending on whether it’s a Standard or Student Season Ticket, the same rules of use apply as those in effect for season tickets of the same name apply to complex season tickets.

During your journey, you might want to check the time of your connection.
Several options are available to you:

  • the yellow posters at the station: clear and simplified information showing the train timetables and platform numbers.
  • in-station announcements: pay close attention to the speaker announcements at the station regarding train departures, platform changes, etc.
  • the train manager: each train manager has a handy computer allowing them to contact their partners internally and provide the customer with real-time information.
  • onboard information screens: some trains are equipped with screens that automatically display connecting trains when arriving at a station.
  • Train Map: This tool provides you will information on the network status and the location of your train in real time.
  • the SNCB App: available on iOS and Android, the SNCB App has information on train departures.
No, this is not allowed. You must travel in 2nd class. If you still wish to travel in 1st class on the alternative itinerary, buy a 2nd class increase ticket.
If you are travelling in 2nd class: If you buy your ticket for your destination, the part in Luxembourg is free.
Tickets in 1st class in Luxembourg are still subject to a charge.
  • The concept of a border point is used for ticket pricing. It is by no means a railway station or a stopping point for embarking or disembarking passengers. A border point is considered to be the place separating the Belgian railway network from neighbouring railway networks.

  • Cross-border stations or cross-border stopping points are places of embarking or disembarking located on either side of the border between two countries. Advantageous fares exist for travel to cross-border stations such as Roosendaal, Maastricht, Aachen, Luxembourg, Lille, Maubeuge or Aulnoye-Aymeries.
  • The SNCB Customer Service is happy to help you by phone, every day from 7am to 9.30pm on 02 528 28 28.