Would you like to purchase a ticket or a season ticket? Easily find the sales channel that meets your needs.

Save time. Order and pay for your ticket/season ticket in complete security, at any time and without crossing the door step. You will receive your ticket directly to your email inbox.

Buy online, without having to wait and without going anywhere!

Which transport tickets are available?

Download the SNCB app and purchase your ticket in a few clicks, when and wherever you want to! It's a really useful application for your smartphone or tablet!
  • No need for a Digipass for your payments
  • Secure payment completed directly using the secure servers of Ingenico Payment Services
  • Manage your purchases using the app's 'Your tickets' menu
    • A history or all tickets purchased
    • Fast purchase of your favourite tickets
    • View the ticket details

After the purchase, a 2D barcode is created in the app. This barcode is your transport ticket to be presented and your proof of identity to be presented to the conductor when you make your journey.

Your station is readily available to allow you to purchase your ticket or your season ticket.

Our sales and information staff will offer you personalised service. In addition to the full range off our transport tickets, there you will find an answer to all your questions about travel throughout Belgium.
View the opening times for your station.

Use our ticket vending machines to quickly purchase your ticket or validate your season ticket.

Whether you are purchasing a ticket or renewing your season ticket, the ticket vending machines is a simple and fast solution. Payment can be made by card or in cash. The ticket vending machines are available in all stations and you only need to complete a few steps to be able to complete your journey.

Every passenger boards the train with a valid transport ticket. If for any reason you have not been able to purchase a ticket in advance, you no longer have to notify the train conductor but you will purchase your ticket with the On-board Fare supplement.

Only certain transport tickets are available on board the train (see the tab: Where can you buy the product of your choice?). To avoid having to purchase a ticket every time, remember to use our multi-journey cards such as Local Multi, Standard Multi or Youth Multi.


  Web site SNCB App Ticket Office Vending Machine On-board the train*
Standard Ticket
Weekend Ticket
Youth Ticket x
Senior Ticket
Brussels Airport Supplement
Charleroi Airport Ticket x
Charleroi Airport Return Ticket  x x x
Bus TEC Charleroi Airport Ticket x
Discount Ticket Journalist
Discount Ticket Military
Discount Ticket Preferential Reimbursement
Kids Ticket
Discount Ticket Large Families
Pet Supplement
Bike Supplement
Ticket + TEC urban zone x x x
TIcket + STIB urban zone x x x x

* For an additional On-Board Fee


Cross-border tickets

  Web site SNCB App Ticket Office Vending Machine On-board the train*
Standard Ticket (Aachen), (Maastricht), (Roosendael) x
Weekend Ticket (Aachen), (Maastricht), (Roosendael) x
Youth Ticket Aachen, Maastricht, Roosendael x
Senior Ticket (Aachen), (Maastricht), (Roosendael) x
Kids Ticket (Aachen), (Maastricht), (Roosendael) x
Pet Supplement (Aachen), (Maastricht), (Roosendael) x
Bike Supplement (Aachen), Maastricht, Roosendael x

* For an additional On-Board Fee



  Web site SNCB App Ticket Office Vending Machine On-board the train*
Youth Multi x x
Standard Multi x x
Local Multi x x
10 same journey card x x x
Brupass x x

* For an additional On-Board Fee



  Web site SNCB App Ticket Office Vending Machine On-board the train*
Unlimited Season Ticket x x x
Standard Season Ticket x x x
Half-Time Season Ticket x x x x
Student Multi x x x x
Student Season Ticket x x x
Renewal / Validations x x

* For an additional On-Board Fee