Student Multi is the ideal season ticket for students staying in student accommodation, who commute once a week between their home and their student accommodation (or college).
The Half-Time Season Ticket is a 5-journey return-trip rail card valid for 15 days.
Even better value when combined with a third-party payment agreement.
2 options:
  1. Student (or Standard) season ticket for the daily journey + Student Multi (or Half-Time season ticket) for the other weekly journey.
  2. Student (or Standard) Season Ticket with 2 journeys. It's better value for money than 2 individual Student Season Tickets but this is not available on MoBIB. For this option, apply for a paper season ticket at the ticket office.
Yes, this is possible as long as it is a Student Multi from school to a station of your choice. For each new Student Multi, you need a school certificate if you are over 18 years old.
Yes of course, as long as you can present the master railcard and validation during control on the train.
Where this is the case, you need to apply for a Student Season Ticket with 2 journeys. It's better value for money than 2 individual Student Season Tickets but this option is not available on MoBIB.

With a season ticket, you can embark or disembark at any stations/stops along the shortest route between your station and your destination. It may be the case that to reach your destination more quickly, you take a route other than the shortest one. Where this is the case, you are NOT permitted to embark or disembark at the stations/stops along this alternative route.

Student, Standard and Unlimited Season Ticket can be combined with regional public transport provided by TEC, STIB and/or De Lijn. Student Multi and Half-Time season tickets, however, cannot be combined with these particular means of transport.
For a rail season ticket combined with TEC, STIB and/or De Lijn: go to the SNCB ticket office of your choice or buy it online. Buy a Flex Season Ticket in the SNCB/NMBS app.
Even though you will be able to travel on the lines of these other transport companies (TEC, STIB and/or De Lijn), season tickets combined with the train are cannot by purchased from them.

You can easily renew your combined season ticket (train + metro/tram/bus) on the SNCB web site, at ticket vending machines and at SNCB ticket offices, or in the app if you renew a combined Flex Season Ticket.

It is not possible to renew these with other public transport companies.

For a combined SNCB season ticket (with TEC, STIB or De Lijn), a period of 5 days is required for your pass data to be validated with all the transport companies involved in your journey.

For an SNCB season ticket (not combined), you can renew on the same day of the desired start date of validity. In the confirmation email, PDF tickets are provided so that you can travel on the first few days.

The Section and Student Season Tickets can be combined with a De Lijn supplement, for travelling by rail and then on bus throughout the entire De Lijn network.

For Student, Standard or Unlimited Season Tickets:
  • Don't yet have a MoBIB card: go to the ticket office
  • Already have a MoBIB card, but I want to change routes: go to the ticket office
  • Already have a MoBIB card, and I just want the same route: renew online or at a ticket vending machine provided it is within 31 days of the deadline for renewal.
For Campus and Half-Time Season Tickets:
  • Initial purchase: go to the ticket office
  • Already have a Student Multi or Half-Time Season Ticket, but I want to change route: go to the ticket office
  • Already have a Student Multi or Half-Time Season Ticket, and I just want the same route: renew online or at a ticket vending machine provided it is within 31 days of the deadline for renewal.

Do you want to buy a first-time season ticket?

You can do so :

  • online, by logging on to your My SNCB account (make sure you allow 5 working days for the delivery of your MoBIB card).
  • at a ticket office at a rail station, with:
    • your completed season ticket request form
    • your e-ID card
    • the necessary certificates such as those provided by your school (for a Student Season Ticket) or your employer (if your employer pays for your season ticket through a Third-Party Payment agreement).
    • If you need a combined season ticket including the TEC Next supplement, let us know the names of the two TEC stops on your journey at the ticket counter.

Do you want to renew an existing season ticket?

You can easily renew your season ticket online, by logging on to your My SNCB account or at a station's vending machine, simply by holding your MoBIB card in front of the machine's card reader.

Has the MoBIB card with your season ticket expired, been lost, faulty or stolen?

No problem! If your card was originally issued by SNCB, you can get a duplicate online via your My SNCB account or at a rail station's ticket office.

You will receive a new MoBIB card valid for 5 years for a € 6 processing fee. You will not be asked to pay any additional costs to replace your current season tickets.

If you have another personalised MoBIB card, we can also place your season ticket on it (as long as this card is registered and linked to your customer account). You may still need to have your card synchronised for STIB/MIVB, De Lijn or TEC too at a point of sales of the involved transport operator.

Special requests

  • If you wish to do so, you can download a season ticket request form and fill it in on behalf of someone else. The completed and signed form can them be handed over when you apply at the ticket counter.
  • If you are over 18 years of age and would like a Student Season Ticket or Student Multi, you will need to provide an SNCB template proof of enrolment (pdf) filled in by your school or university. In the case of a Student Season Ticket loaded onto a MoBIB card, you will need to submit a new application, accompanied by proof of enrolment, every year.
  • If a duplicate cannot be issued, please contact the Customer Service.

Most season tickets are loaded onto your personal MOBIB card.

For season tickets that are still in paper format, such as the Half-Time season ticket or the Student Multi, your season ticket comprises:

  • The plastic card with the photo and season ticket holder’s information
  • The validation ticket stating the valid period of travel, and 10 pre-printed journeys

To purchase or renew a Student Season Ticket and/or a Student Multi, a school certificate is required if you reach the age of 18 during the validity of your subscription. 

What is a valid school certificate?

This certificate must contain the same data as your subscription (first and last name, date of birth, school period and train station corresponding to your school or traineeship) and must be signed by your school.

The following documents are accepted:

  • A proof of enrolment form, completed and signed by your school
  • Certificate from your school proving that you are attending that school or place of traineeship during the validity of your subscription
  • Certificate of enrolment (after payment of the enrolment fee) is valid as a school certificate

The following documents are not accepted:

  • School certificate from a school far from one of the train stations of your subscription
  • School certificate whose dates of attendance do not correspond to the dates of validity of your subscription
  • pre-registration form with payment slip
  • Student card

If the proof of enrolment is invalid, you will be informed by email. We will cancel your validation and your season ticket will be deleted from your MoBIB card. You will be refunded the full amount if the validation period has not yet begun. If the validation period has already begun, a €10 administration fee will be retained.

How to obtain a valid school certificate?

There are 2 possibilities:

  • You can ask your school’s administration to fill in our template of proof of enrolment
  • Your school provides you directly with a valid certificate that corresponds to your subscription (first and last name, address, date of birth and school period for which you are registered)

If your employer has signed a third-party payment agreement with SNCB, it pays for ( a part of) your season ticket. The third-party payment certificate serves as proof of your employer's contribution.

  • 80/20 scheme: the employee doesn't have to pay anything. The cost of the season ticket will be billed to the employer.
  • No 80/20 scheme: the employee only pays for the port not included in the contribution.The remainder will be billed to the employer.
  • Student and Standard Season Tickets:
    The price is calculated based on the distance travelled between the departure and destination stations, whether you travel first or second class and the valid term. Season tickets can be combined with STIB/TEC/De Lijn for a supplement.

  • Student Multi and Half-Time Season Tickets:
  • The price is calculated based on the distance travelled between the departure and destination stations, whether you travel first or second class.

Would you like to find out how much a product costs? Choose the product best suited to your needs, calculate the price of your season ticket based on your journey, your age bracket and the frequency of your journeys.

    Would you like to know how much it would cost to renew your season ticket? Log in to your My SNCB account.

    Changing or cancelling a sis on ticket is only possible at the ticket office. To renew your subscription, log on to My SNCB.

    There is no season ticket for bicycles, but foldable bicycles can be taken on board free of charge. For non-folding bicycles, a Bike Supplement (€4/journey) is required.

    If you are travelling to a cross-border station (Roosendaal, Maastricht, Aachen, Luxembourg, Maubeuge, Aulnoye-Aymeries or Lille Flandres), you can buy an SNCB season ticket. If your destination is beyond these stations, we advise you to combine an SNCB season ticket + a train ticket from the country you are travelling to.

    If you are travelling to Lille Europe by TGV, Eurostar or Thalys, go to a station offering an international service (Arlon, Antwerp-Berchem, Antwerp-Central, Bruges, Brussels Airport-Zaventem, Brussels-Central, Brussels-Luxembourg, Brussels-South, Brussels-North, Charleroi-South, Kortrijk, Eupen, Gent-Sint-Pieters, Hasselt, Liège-Guillemins, Leuven, Mechelen, Mons, Namur, Ostend, Ottignies).

    For all other destinations, visit the website of SNCB International.
    This function is currently not available.
    You can renew a B-Parking season ticket at any station. You can renew your season ticket one month before it expires. We advise you not to renew at the last minute.
    The SNCB Customer Service is happy to help you by phone, every day from 7am to 9.30pm on 02 528 28 28.