A clearer product range

  • Choosing your travel ticket has been made easier.
  • The terms and conditions and the valid periods of your tickets, rail passes and season tickets are not changing.
  • Your season ticket or your multi-journey card continues to be valid: you do not have to exchange it.
The old names will accompany the new ones, for the time needed to allow you to get used to the changes.

Bon voyage !

Find out about all the changes:

For young people (under 26)

Single or return journey 10-journey card Season tickets

For seniors (the over-65s)

Return journey

Frequently asked questions

A study has been conducted on a representative sample of passengers, which highlighted the varied and complex range spanning all of our products. With these simplifications, the travel tickets are now organised based on frequency and passenger type. Now, you will be able to find the product tailored for your needs more easily.

  • A single journey or a return journey is called a Ticket.
  • A multi-journey card will now be called Multi.
  • Season tickets retain the name Season Ticket.
  • Travel tickets for children under the age of 12 are called Kids.
  • Products for young people aged 12 or over and under 26, however, are called Youth or Student (if a school certificate is required).
  • The terms and conditions, and valid periods of your tickets, rail passes and season tickets are not changing.

    The name changes will be rolled out gradually for our various sales channels between 25 February and July 2020.

    Your season ticket or multi-journey card continues to be valid. The name will change when renewed or when creating a new travel ticket. You don't need to exchange it.

    SNCB has opted for concepts that are easy to understand in different languages. For this reason, SNCB called upon a panel of users to find out their opinions.