General terms and conditions

On our website, you can buy standard tickets, some reduced fare tickets and Discovery Combi. You can also renew your Section, Rail Network, Student, Half-time, Combined TEC-STIB-De Lijn season ticket, your City Pass and Student Multi.

For your comfort, you can buy your validations (renewals) from 31 days up to 5 days before your travel date.

You can buy your tickets from up to 31 days before you wish to travel until the moment you board the train.

When purchasing a ticket through our website, you have two options to receive your ticket: PDF or eID. If you opt for PDF, you can print your ticket or display it on the screen of a tablet, smartphone or laptop computer. If you would prefer to use your eID, the train conductor will check your ticket via your Belgian electronic identity card.

Yes. Tickets purchased online are personalised, so you simply have to enter the surnames and first names of the people travelling in the corresponding fields. If you choose to have the tickets delivered to their electronic identity card, make sure you add their national registration number.
No. A ticket purchased online is only valid for the person named on the ticket. Therefore, it cannot be transferred to anybody else.
Yes. To order a ticket using your identity card, you simply need to enter your national registration number during the purchase.
No, the email is nothing more than a confirmation of your purchase. If you have chosen to receive your ticket in PDF format, the PDF will be attached to this email and you will be able to print out the ticket(s) or show them to the train conductor on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer screen during the ticket inspection.
A Pet Supplement must always bear the name of the person travelling with the animal.
You can still get a PDF version of your ticket. To do so, contact our Customer Service (by form or telephone) and they will send you a copy of your order by email with a PDF ticket attached.
You can interrupt the purchase at any time without any charge to your credit card as long as you have not yet consented to the payment.

Printing tickets

If you are unable to print your ticket, you can always show the PDF version of the ticket to the train conductor on a smartphone or tablet in good working order.

Within a few minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email (with your PDF ticket in attachment if you have chosen this delivery method).

If you do not receive this email within 5 minutes of completing your purchase, please contact Customer Services (by form or telephone).
To be valid, a ticket must be printed in A4 format, in portrait mode and at 100% size. We recommend you avoid using economical or quick printing modes. If certain data is illegible or missing, the ticket will be invalid, and the train conductor will have to issue a Statement of irregularity.